Comfort Creature - Comfort Creature  ALBUM

Release date: 5th September 2019

Comfort Creature is an offering of hidden textures, vulnerability, and sensuality, nested delicately among an experimental indie-pop tapestry. The self-titled album is the brainchild of  Icelandic-born Auður Zoëga, whose upfront and intimate vocal stylings feature as a through line across each track. Within each performance, Auður places the listener a mere breath’s distance from her quiet, feminine strength, guiding your passage in and out of the album’s multitude of colourful sonic spaces. Comfort Creature also features the use of no-input mixing (a process of generating feedback loops within mixing consoles) - the resulting shadowy atmospheres and percussive glitches cast a background of soft decay over the organic collage of voice, piano, harp, and string arrangements. Among this collection of humble and unresistant performances, the curation of instruments and sounds alike create a feeling as if to uncover some treasured, long lost gift; perhaps dusty and weathered, but rich with a sentiment warm and sensuous alike. With layers of intricate detail revealed the deeper you cast your attention into the music, this is an album which rewards you for delving into its welcoming quiet.

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Stunning...has immediately joined my best albums of 2019 list

- Bob Osborne, Aural Delights

...what ethereal shadows would sound like if they had a voice

- Walter Price, Global Texan Chronicles

Haunting experimental-indie compositions that delicately straddle serenity and strife, the fulfilling listen never relinquishes its sonic state of limbo. Comfort Creature is a confronting tour whose strength comes from finding resolutions amid darkness.

- Nick Crameri, Sungenre

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