Comfort Creature - Pyramid Room Exit

Pyramid Room Exit brings the experimental indie-pop musings of Comfort Creature from shadow to light. Accompanied by the somberly kaleidoscopic videoclip (directed by Sabina Maselli), this single manifests the inner workings of Icelandic-born Auður Zoëga, and perhaps brings with it some of the magic and mystique her birthplace is so known for. Within this solemn musical tale exists a dance of feminine strength and sensuousness between the two counterparts: the intimate, upfront vocal stylings of Auður, and the stumbling, textural percussion of no-input mixing (a process of generating feedback loops within mixing consoles). With layers of intricate detail revealed the deeper you cast your attention into the music, this is a single which rewards you for delving into its welcoming quiet.

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If you always find yourself in search of non-archetypal hauntedly atmospheric soundscapes, look no further than the latest single “Pyramid Room Exit” from Melbourne-based artist Comfort Creature.

The single, which was released on April 6th, could be easily compared to the aural delights from artists such as Bjork, yet Comfort Creature’s creations of hypnotic defiance to the usual structures of songs carry plenty of distinction.

The dark Indie Electronica artist rests her captivating yet gentle vocal layers on a bed of constantly transgressing instrumental arrangements, from friendly keys to slightly caustic digital effects to transcendental layers of pure harmony. There’s a real sense that Pyramid Room Exit isn’t just a mechanical process of going through the motions of song writing making sure that every box is ticked. Instead, you’re treated to pure undiluted experimental expression.

- Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory

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